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Goodwin versus EIIR re State Funded Legal Counsel : Universal Human Right : Free Prior Informed Consent
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Welcome to British Columbia; University of Victoria ! Congrats to Amal at Doughty Street Chambers ... May Open Journalism Thrive Through Ethics Of " In Truth We Trust" ! - note : Goodwin dialogue with Wayne Jordash, QC at DSC
RE : State Funded Competent Legal Counsel Of Choice : may include right of Mohamed Fahmy at Egypt Court Costs.

Thank you for receiving and reviewing these issues of paramountcy of law in Canada : Custom Laws & International Laws : Elizabeth II Coronation Oath : Customs and Traditions Preserved & Protected : Indigenous Peoples (CSSP) versus specious claim of EIIR Canada governance : In Absence of Treaty : Empire of Netherlands Gus Wen Tah Trade Relations With Iroquois Confederacy since 1613 : Longest Continuous Trade Agreement in The World : Canada Truth & Reconciliation Commission Final 2013 Report -> Cultural Genocide : continued through illicit imprisonment of indigenous Peoples (60% men & 30% women; 60 % children in care 80% 2015) .... LSBC seeks to have SCBC Judge Greyell hold Goodwin in CONTEMPT for continuing to publish advisories regarding the above ... Goodwin is adopted into Quamichan Nation State by oldest Coast Family on west coast - which is an Absolute Monarchy via international law; occupied by "consecutively settled sovereign Peoples" (see UN International Law) ... Goodwin's background is green energy power plants ... UN endorsed international crude oil trader since 2000 - recommended to UN via Canada UN Permanent Mission ... Goodwin is principles officer of international indigenous private banks (Canada & USA) - supported by Bill Clinton when US president.
COPY of TWITTER notice to you OCT 27th 2015 : Goodwin v EIIR@GRCversusEIIR 3h3 hours ago
Huy'Ch'Qu' (thank you)

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